Monitor in your pocket

Was it possible to imagine ten years ago that the monitor you will be able to wear in a pocket? It was hard to believe in it!
But the technology rushes forward, and now some companies are planning to bring to market a novelty – a portable monitor with a diagonal of 24 inches. When folded, this monitor will be a device the size of a large purse. The manufacturer promises us that in working condition it will be a full-fledged 24-inch screen with a resolution of 1280 by 720 pixels.
The small weight of the monitor will allow it to be used by people on travel. The battery will work for 4 hours without recharging. You can connect your smartphone to this device even while travelling. For example, watching a movie is much more enjoyable on a large monitor than on a small screen of a smartphone.

Recently, more and more people work outside the office. But even from home, not everyone wants to work. People are looking for new places to live and work. They do not want to be attached to a single location. Young people prefer not to have big assets. In the modern world, it is not necessary to have a huge house taken into a mortgage. People want to travel. With this way of life, the portability of things becomes very important!
Portable monitors are another step towards a new world in which we will have mobility and can be much freer.

In fact, portable monitors are needed not only for our smartphones and laptops. Such monitors are also used in medicine. For example, did you hear about the patient’s portable monitor?
This device is a small box and displays vital functions of the patient on the monitor. The patient can carry it in a bag everywhere.
Portable monitors have many different uses.
Share with us your thoughts, are these monitors comfortable for you?