First bike for a student.


What for to the student of a bicycle and what to choose?
The first question is quite simple to answer.
First, a student needs a bicycle for mobility.
It is always more pleasant to get on a bike and bypassing traffic jams get to your destination.
A crowded metro is also better left to others.
You can always reach friends at any time of the day.
Secondly, sports are significant for any student.
If a person does sports, and cycling is a sporting activity, he thinks better during the exams!
Preserving the athletic form is very important while studying!

But let’s try you to answer the question: which bicycle is best for students.

We would recommend a city type bike.
And we firmly advise you to start with cheap models.
It will be easier for you to leave the bicycle on the street. If suddenly you need to be absent-minded.
And sports bicycles will provoke you to violate the speed regime in the city, and this can be just dangerous.

The choice of city bikes is huge, for every taste and wallet.

Do not forget about accessories. You will need a helmet, a pump, a bag and a couple more of the necessary things.
If you do not know how to ride at all, or you find it difficult to get a new bicycle, then you can watch bikes – second hand. Yes, such a bike can not last long, but nevertheless, it will fulfil its task. And after that, you can already think about buying a new one.
Cycling is the best way to spend your time refreshing and healthy!

One more tip for you. When you choose your first bicycle, think about your purposes. Sometimes young people try to buy featured sporty bikes which are useful for a student’s life in the city.